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Online-Shop Angebot: Jobe Grace Flex Series Damen Wakeboard günstig kaufen

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Jobe Grace Flex Series Damen Wakeboard

Jobe Grace Flex Series Damen Wakeboard

Progress gracefully... And progressing is the one thing you will definitely do on Jobe’s all-new Grace! Maxine’s pro model is simply a match made in heaven for all you park rippers out there, ladies! With a bigger tip and tail, this board garantees all the strength, consistency and balance you’ll need when pressing on rails. Its aggressive 3-stage rocker give you ridiculous pop off kickers and this rocker combined with Grace’s long, deep channels also allows you to really dig in that edge for your air trickery. So what are you waiting for?! Go hit up your local spot and shred with Grace!
  • 3-stage rocker: Angled with a “flat spot” in the centre. A wakeboard with a 3-stage rocker features three distinct planes on the bottom of the board. A 3-stage rocker causes your wakeboard to respond with more pop (height) when you hit the wake. Boards with a 3-stage rocker have a flat spot that makes the pop off the wake intense and gives slightly longer hang time before landing. One thing is for sure, if you love massive air the 3-stage is for you!
  • ABS: ABS is a thermoplastic material used as sidewall construction that primarily functions to protect the core and edge from damage. This sidewall makes a board durable and resistant to sliders and kickers without adding extra weight.
  • Blendet core: The Blended Core creates a marriage between the wood and PU. It’s made from flexible Paulownia wood and PU, which provide the ultimate combination between flex and strength. These are excellent characteristics for both boat and wake park riders.
  • Flex: Technology that creates flexibility in the tip and tail of a wakeboard. This characteristic makes tip and tail landings softer and makes it easier to press on a rail.
  • H.I.T. base: Stands for High Impact Technology. Sintered damage-resisting base, slightly harder than the Armor Base that makes it even faster on obstacles. This is the most high-end base that you can get when your goal is to hit as many sliders and kickers as you can.
  • Slider fins: Nylon with fibreglass reinforced slider fins with a flat top design which prevents board damage by obstacles.
  • Triaxial: This special fibreglass weave has fibres that have been positioned in three angles (0°/ +45°/ -45°) in addition to running nose to tail. It reduces weight and allows for flex and torsion. Triaxial fibreglass fabric is a high strength stitch bonded product.
  • Press: Our Press Technology is used to add additional surface area to the board in specific areas to help maintain speed and stability on both rails and kickers.
  • Tri-Tech: The unique technology reduces wear by hitting obstacles because of the three identical and completely flat areas next to each other on the center of the base where boards are normally subject to abuse.

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