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best online price for Grabner HOBBY Motor Boat

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Grabner HOBBY Motor Boat

Grabner HOBBY Motor Boat

Boring holidays are a matter of the past! Experience the unbelievable extent of the HOBBY’s versatile uses. (seatboards not supplied as standard)

HOBBY’s versatile uses:
  • as a boat for bathing fun
  • as a motor boat, and a craft for waterskiing
  • as a sail-boat
  • as a boat for diving and fishing

... as a motor and water-skiing boat:
  • Low hp-energy is required push this boat forward.
  • 5 - 10 hp suffice to skim at speed over the surface. For water-skiing 15 hp - with children or 25 hp for adults.

... as a boat for bathing fun:
  • built for the use of oars (x), the use of electric motor (x) or fuel driven outboard engine.  Remote beaches and bays come within easy reach. Adding a sunawning (x), bathing-ladder (x), anchor (x), or the coolbag for a picnic, those are the ingredients for perfect pleasure afloat.

... as a boat for diving and fishing:
  • The wide beam provides ample space. The stability on the water that comes with it, renders the HOBBY ideal for diving and fishing activities. The boat-ladder (x) facilitates easy exit, re-boarding, and it copes with heavy diving kits too.
  • Fantastic performance features, and fun for the newcomer to sailing as well as for the experienced sailor.

... as a sail-boat:
  • The sailing-rig (x) converts the HOBBY into a handsome sailing boat with inbuilt good behaviour, fantastic performance features, and fun for the newcomer to sailing as well as for the experienced sailor.
  • Features

The HOBBY is not a piecemeal job of different fragments, but a flowing harmonious one body shape. The ascending bow wards off head-on spray, assists the inducement of planing and offers extra and vital space. The tubes large diameter provides high stability and steadfastness in rough water, and under the thrust of a high powered engine. A stern design and the transom water-trailing-edge virtually eliminate the commonly experienced tail end vortex. In turn that prevents spray and enhances planing. The strong transom has been vulcanized into the side tubes. Have an padded protection support, a drain-valve and two drilled holes for the fastening of towingeyes for water-ski ropes. Rubbing strakes all-round the hull sides protect against damage of the boat. Two carrying lines, one on each side feeding each through 4 D-rings, plus 2 strong carrying handles at the stern, and one at the bow, allow for comfortable carrying ashore. 1 to 3 seat-boards can be positioned to suit and to be fastened to any of the 30 eyelets of the lips that line the hull inside the boat on both sides. The eyelets also serve as fixing points for the sailingrig, sun-awning and boat-ladder. The upper boat skin of the HOBBY is of red safety colour, that can more easily be seen in foggy condition, or against the background of dark water. Red better reflects the suns rays and heat, thus preventing excessive expansion and pressure of the air inside the tubes. The underside of the boat is made of black rubber, which is more resilient and protects against mechanical damage.
Small flat-pack dimensions of 120 x 55 x 20 cm enable the HOBBY to be taken as luggage in a medium size car.

(x) accessories - not standard supplied

Technical data - HOBBY
  • Overall lenght/width    430 x 175 cm    14' 1" x  69"
  • Inside lenght/width    310 x 72 cm    10' 2" x  28"
  • Tube ø    47 cm    18"
  • Weight    39 kg    86 lbs
  • Minimal packing size    120 x 55 x 20 cm    47" x  22" x 8"
  • Persons acc. (lt. ISO)    6 adults    6 adults
  • Working load acc. DIN    1000 kg    2205 lbs
  • Air chambers    3    3
  • Assembly time (min)    20    20
  • Operating pressure    0,3 bar    4,3 psi
  • Storage space bow    60 Liter    3660 cu.ins.
  • Motor output    18.4 kW/25 PS    18.4 kW/25 PS
  • Max. motor weight    75 kg    165 lbs
  • Sail area    9 m2    97 sq.ft.
  • Wind force    4 Beaufort    4 Beaufort
  • White-water category    2    2
  • Material (natural rubber)    1100 dtex    1100 dtex
  • ISO-Standard/category    6185 Cat VII/C    6185 Cat VII/C
  • Colour    red-black    red-black
  • Standard equipment - HOBBY
  • safety valves    3
  • 40 mm stainless D-rings for safety and carrying line    9
  • safety and carrying line    2
  • bow carrying handle    1
  • stern carrying handle    2
  • eyelet lip with 15 eyelets    2
  • hand holds    6
  • transom w. padded transom bracket    1
  • drain-valve with rubber plug    1
  • specification label    1
  • repair kit    1
  • valve key    1
  • air-valve adapter bayonet    1
  • owners manual with declaration of conformity    1

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