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best online price for Grabner Ranger SL Allround Boat

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Grabner Ranger SL Allround Boat

Grabner Ranger SL Allround Boat

Unbelievably versatile: as a rowing boat, electric power propelled motorboat, boat with a fuel outboard engine, sailing boat, boat for bathing pleasure, expedition boat, diving tender, boat for fishing and hunting trips, rafting boat.

The RANGER SL is constructed as one inflatable body without a stiffened transom panel.

That results in a sensational packing measurement of only 80 x 70 x 25 cm, the smallest flat-pack boat of this performance class.

The RANGER is available in two lengths:
Standard length: 415 x 160 cm - a comfortable 4-seater.
SL size (super long): 475 x 160 cm - a comfortable six-seater.

The size you choose will depend on how many people will mainly be travelling, whether you prefer to sit with plenty of space or cramped together and how much luggage is to be carried. The difference in weight between the standard and SL sizes is 6.5 kg for both models.

General info - RANGER SL

Unbelievably versatile ...

.. as a rowing boat:
With non-slip seatboards (x)  and varying and adjustable seatboard and rowlock (x)  positions for comfortable rowing.

.. as an electric power propelled motorboat:
The RANGER makes an ideal electricpower boat. The boats cleverly designed shape reduces friction and resistance on the water. That in turn enhances battery efficiency and increases travelling range => Electric boat motors (x).

.. as a boat with a fuel outboard engine:
When a skippers seat (x) and insert-flooring (x) is added the RANGER becomes a safe motor boat:

up to 4 Hp for leisurely pottering on rivers and lakes, or for enjoying a swim.
Engines up to 6 hp induce planing and require no certificate of proficiency on most waters.
With an engine producing 10 - 15 Hp the boat proves to be a real “speed boat”.

.. as a sailing boat:
the sailing-rig (x)  converts the RANGER SL into a proper sail-boat, easy to handle in winds up to force 4.

.. as a boat for bathing pleasure:
The sunawning and boat-ladder added, the RANGER SL will be a welcome holiday companion.

.. as an expedition boat:
When travelling, i.e. on an expedition or extreme adventure trip, the small flat-pack volume and low weight is an appreciated and welcome benefit.

.. as a dinghy/tender:
With bow rings and respective transom-holes this boat can easily be lifted by crane or hooked onto davits.

... as a diving tender:
Equipped with insert- floor (x), boat-ladder (x) and anchor (x), the RANGER SL becomes a reliable boat for diving trips.

... as a boat for fishing and hunting trips:
Various means of propulsion make this boat suitable for use anywhere.

... as a rafting boat: Broad and sturdy side tubes, the tough inflatable bottom and the inflatable transom render the RANGER an ideal private-rafting boat.

Innovative details:

  • The raised bow aids planing and handling of the boat with ease.
  • Stabilising fins integrated into the tail end of the tubes enhance directional stability forward, as well as steering extreme tight turns.
  • The stabilising fins double up as skids, which protect the bottom when launching the boat.
  • A special transom profile ensures optimised planing quality when moving under outboard engine power.
  • Battens, reinforcing and protecting the tail end of the tubes, have a provision for attaching a water-ski rope and ties to secure a sun-awning etc.
  • The eyelet studded lips along the coaming serve to secure seatboards, rowlocks, skipper- seat, carrying-line, foredeck, bow drybag, boat-ladder, sun-awning and luggage belts etc.
  • The drain-valve integrated into the transom permanently sucks any water out of the bilge.
  • 2 strong bow-rings serve to the attachment of a painter, carrying-belts, luggagestraps and the sailing-rig forestay.
  • The ideal color scheme has been well thought out. The black outer skin (particularly tough and resistant thanks to the high percentage of soot) blends discretely into the surroundings. The red inner skin can save your life as a signaling color in an emergency.
  • Standard size or SL ?

Technical data - RANGER SL

tentiOverall lenght/width    475 x 160 cm    15' 7" x  63"
Inside lenght/width    360 x 80 cm    11' x 10" x 31"
Tube ø    40 cm    16"
Weight    37,5 kg    83 lbs
Minimal packing size    80 x 70 x 25 cm    31" x 28" x 10"
Persons acc.    6 adults    6 adults
Working load acc. DIN    750 kg    1653 lbs
Air chambers    3
Assembly time (min)    18
Operating pressure    0,3 bar    4,3 psi
Storage space bow    100 Liter    6100 cu.ins
.Motor output / weight    11 kW-15 hp /45 kg    11 kW-15 hp /99 lbs
Sail area    9 m2    97 sq.ft.
Wind force    4 Beaufort   
White-water category    3   
Material (natural rubber)    1100 dtex
ISO-Standard/category    6185 Cat V/C   
Colour    black-red    black-red
Standard equipment - RANGER SL
safety valves    3

40 mm stainless D-rings for carry belt    2
carry belt    1
bow-cap with closure for painter attachment    1
tube tail-end (reinforcement) batten    2
inflatable transom    1
drain-valve with rubber plug    1
eyelet studded coaming-lip with 21 eyelets and 4 holes    2
carrying and safety lines    2
specification label    1
repair kit    1
valve key    1
air-valve adapter bayonet    1
owners manual with declaration of conformity    1


Seat-boards with anti-slip surface: For easy rowing, or when motoring.
Comfort-seats: with high aspect backrests for optimised back support.
To cushion the seated area, and for secure and space saving stowage of utensils below the seatboards.

Bow dry bags - for waterproof storage of luggage


Rowlocks: For use as a rowing boat, the rowlocks can be fitted to the eyelet lip. The position for forward and rear seatboards can be arranged to suit and to take care of the occupants individual body height for optimised personal comfort.


Boat trolley, wide: For easy transport of the boat ashore.

Insert-flooring: For stiffening the boat, the use of a high powered engine, for applications under sail, or carrying heavy loads, (i.e. diving equipment).

Boat-ladder: Consisting of 3 rungs, and equipped with hinged folding mechanism and fixing-line facilitates bathers and divers easy disembarking and re-boarding.
Sun-awning: for the provision of shade and protection against too much sun. That adds extra convenience to a fantastic holiday afloat. Innovative securing of oars, boat-ladder and outboard engine, allows their use concurrently.

Tarpaulin: To cover and protect the boat at anchor, stored on land or on a trailer, against sun, rain, and dirt.

Sailing-rig: This consists of a dismountable mast-thwart, a three-part mast, boom, 2 lee-boards, fore stay, shrouds, jib + main sail, rudder and helm with a tiller extension.

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